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M&A projects global IT services provider

Driven, managed and coordinated large acquisition and multiple divestment projects for large IT service provider, in countries like the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France. Size of M&A projects between 1,000 and 5,000 staff per geographical country operation.

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Global headcount reduction project

Managed an HR restructuring project that resulted in a global reduction in force (RIF) of over 800 headcount in more than 25 countries in Asia, America's and Europe, completed in 10 week period, with minimum of additional turn-over after completion of RIF process. Reporting directly to CEO and Chairman of the Board. Project Management based approach, with close involvement of regional and country management, HR, Finance and Legal staff. Including negotiations with work councils / unions when and where applicable.

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Building European presence IT services Company

During a 4-month period offices where opened in France, Germany and the Netherlands and UK office was expanded. Senior management was recruited, including 4 Managing Directors, regional CFO, Country Sales Directors, Technical Directors and HR managers. Recruitment process was managed and coordinated by President EMEA and VMCI, by using 2 search firms. The required legal entity were established and completed in all countries, local employment agreements created, including market competitive health, benefit and pension packages. Interim bookkeeping solution created in each country. In addition to the above standard policies, compensation packages and stock option offerings have been aligned towards local conditions.

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Employee cost reduction

Managed employee cost reduction program, realizing 25M+ Euro cost reduction and IFRS savings through using global purchasing power and realizing major compensation & benefits efficiencies. Including an optimizing of the headcount mix and realizing market competitive headcount ratio's for a global publically listed company

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Integration process following acquistion

Internet Services Company was acquired and transitioned into business unit of the acquiring company, while expanding its business portfolio and doubling in size, both headcount and revenue-wise, by adding other business units. VMCI managed and coordinated the required integration efforts in transferring and re-alignment of staff, alignment of budgets/forecasts, harmonization of policies and procedures, synchronization of compensation, benefits and stock offerings on a European and a country by country basis.

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