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Customers dilemma when using Executive Search
Executive search will be described by many customers as a black-box process with high upfront cost, regularly resulting in a high level of frustration at the customers end. VMCI distinguish it selves from most other search firms by a changing the paradigm in Executive search by using:

1. Transparent Process and committed timelines
VMCI commits itself that within 8 weeks after signing of the agreement and completion of the position profile, suitable candidates will be available for interview with the client. The steps in the search process are clearly defined, with committed timelines from both VMCI and client and the client will receive bi-weekly status updates, thus enabling the client the follow and monitor the progress of the search process.

2. Customer Focused Fee Model 
VMCI commits to completion of any searches it signs up for. That implies that VMCI will link a large portion of the fee to the actual completion of the search and provides therefore a large portion of the fee as a no-cure-no-pay model. This contrary to most search fee models at search firms operating at the same senior level.

Europe and North America 
Through the in-depth and specific sector and business knowledge and VMCI's extensive network across Europe and North America, VMCI is able to recruit and place senior executives and high qualified talent in multiple European countries as well as in North America.

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